Client Interview

Business Credit Approved: Okay. We’re here with one of my clients named Michele as he would say in Italian or in English we’d say Michele. Say, hello.

Client: Hi, how are you?

Business Credit Approved: Great.

Client: Hi.

Business Credit Approved: So, I want people who are considering not waiting six months to get all the material that they want to get it all of it now, to kind of understand the value or the benefits. So, first introduce yourself, tell them what you do for a living?

Client: Yes. Again, my name is Michele. I do have a – I do own a restaurant in New York City, on the 79 Street in Lexington Avenue. It’s called the Il Riccio; we got it right by the Metropolitan Museum and right across the street from Bloomberg the Mayor, which is – over this. But it’s a seafood restaurant, celery charge is very good. I also do manage somebody else stake property, mine, and in a past four years as everybody knows, every [Indiscernible] [0:00:54] to everyone. Doesn’t matter it was good [Indiscernible] [0:00:57] was paying good time or not.

So, I felt I was some – I found myself in an awkward situation and I want to get, you know, to start asking money to my relatives. So, I was able to meet – BCA through his cousin who does advertising for the restaurant. And so in November 2010, we kind of had a first conversation and he told me when you’re ready call me back and we can go from there. In January 2011, I kind of I needed really to find a solution but not a temporary one, like the permanent, something that will give me the – an alternative for the future. And so I kind of call and spoke with BCA again and we started a whole process. The whole process he gave me and – no, started – then he gave me an option. If I wanted to go for like the six months one or of course or the shorter route and I decided to go for the shorter time.

Business Credit Approved: So, you got all the information right away instead of waiting six months together?

Client: Right. It did provide me all the necessary information explaining – explain to me at once. All the things was though – each step, without waiting and waiting. Like saying this week you’re going to do this, next week we’re going to do that, the other week – you know they thing is like I – New York everything moves fast. So, I had to have like a plan knowingly that three months from us – three months, four at the most, I was going to able to reach like to get you know like $50,000 – $60,000 available to do my own thing, to plan ahead. And so that’s what I need. And it worked out pretty well. Actually I did these at the same process two more time. So, we did apply – we joined three time. So, not – now waiting six months – about three months. And the results were pretty good, yeah, like a over a 110 and a 15 – $15,000 in credit lines, of course in business credit cards. I have here some printouts in case you want to look. We have a Bank of America – $15000 to start, and we have Citibank – $10,000 to start, Chase – $10,000 to start. We – American Express – we – that was the best, we started with a $35,000.

Business Credit Approved: Let’s see it.

Client: Yeah, let me see it, let me – okay. Just let’s make sure. I don’t want to give away all the secrets.

Business Credit Approved: Sorry, right here.

Client: This one, it’s you have to pay once everything. That was the best deal, 35,000 to start, it’s really great. And I also have U.S.A here, 25,000 to start, this covered 10,000 to score – to start. And I think it’s pretty much – yeah, this is pretty much it. It’s, yeah, it’s about other 15 and a 10,000. So, what I’m saying is this, I will recommend everybody to take the shortcuts unless you – you’re still busy and I’m busy too but it’s kind of a peace of mind. You know, you feel much more comfortable, you can plan ahead. I go for vacation four times a year. My wife is a – she is a graphic designer for L’Oreal. She has expensive taste, I have to kind of put up with that. What I’m saying is the follow–up with BCA and be a good student. You – like six months or like a week by week I think it’s a like going back school to first grade, second grade. Then – little – pick your poison, I will say.

Business Credit Approved: Wow.

Client: That’s what like is.

Business Credit Approved: Every man knows that if he has a wife or a girlfriend his monthly expenses goes up between 30% to 50%.

Client: Yes. I had – there are two that she is like a Pink – Miss Pinky. So, everybody knows.

Business Credit Approved: Oh, you are stuck?

Client: When you have kids.

Business Credit Approved: You are stuck.

Client: Yeah.

Business Credit Approved: Alright. So, anyway – but – so for people that actually get the information sooner, they’re going to get the money soon?

Client: Correct, yes. You’re not going to get the money every time – once but you apply three cards, the least you’re going to get is probably 25,000 average.

Business Credit Approved: But if they get the knowledge sooner rather than wait to get out, they’re going to get them

Client: So, like say 50,000. Sooner then you know that – exactly, that’s the three months down the road after the first application you forward at the latest, you’ll be able to apply in. So, and the – and you can repeat the process, not for ever but you know in a matter of a year I was able to get like nine bank cards which I think is a great achievement or businesses. And you know the…

Business Credit Approved: And you are on a vacation, I think most people can get all that done in three to four months.

Client: Right.

Business Credit Approved: But you got a little distracted with your life – so.

Client: Right. That was in the 30 September, I was in January I was away.

Business Credit Approved: Right.

Client: And yeah – the first – and you might like – you might be more like nervous and but once if do the first round then the second and third would be just the matter of paperwork, making sure everything is noted.

Business Credit Approved: But sooner they learn the information the sooner they get the cards, that’s what you would say?

Client: Yes, that’s the key. Do not delay or do not wait to make a phone call, do not wait till they say, like where questions not, time is money. You’ll be losing the time, you might be able to live, like let’s say another $30,000 – $40,000 by at the end of the year, extra available money. If you just wait. I mean, if you don’t know – if you don’t wait. So, then it’s up – I guess everybody needs an extra credit line.

Business Credit Approved: Yes.

Client: You can keep the card and just use the money and then like a safety net right there.

Business Credit Approved: On a separate note, I’ll tell everybody I’ve been to your restaurant twice, its excellent food. If you’re in New York or you are visiting the New York, call them up.

Client: Yeah.

Business Credit Approved: Give the phone number one more time?

Client: Yes. Il Riccio, which is [Indiscernible] [0:06:55] in English. We have – outside and also give BCA some pictures, everybody can look in it. That’s – the phone number is 212 639 9112. Again, 212 639 9112.

Business Credit Approved: Give the phone number one more time because it got a little muffled.

Client: 212 639 9112.

Business Credit Approved: Great.

Client: Okay.

Business Credit Approved: I appreciate in giving your experience with me, so people can benefit.

Client: You’re welcome – anytime.

Business Credit Approved: Alright. I want to cover one more thing.

Client: Okay.

Business Credit Approved: Okay. This is going to be for people that signup, a lot of people sign up and they won’t do anything and they just let it go. So I want people to know like you have to get into action in order to actually get the cards and get the things, okay. So, I’m talking here to one of my client name Michele, in Italian, Michael in English. For people that are starting out, sometimes I have Michele say signup for the program and they don’t really participate, they don’t get on the calls with me, they don’t do anything. And other people really see the value and start to do something. So, tell people because you really got engaged with me very quickly and doing things like what would you suggest and they just kind of sit back and read the materials or kind of listen here and there or is it something that if you do something it really is workable?

Client: Well, if you just sit down and just listen, then you can go in your own line and find all those really like – not good not great article on Google or how – website. And they tell you things about credit. But that’s all – then you’ll be wasting your time while you pay for it. The – my recommendation is to jump in it and ask question – if want to say something, just question BCA, why is this why is that. You – he is able to give you all the – necessary information. But the thing is you have to understand the purpose of each different operation or each different document that we’re to provide. Let’s say making a phone call to the credit bureau, see just like I was on fire or talking with a person is somewhere else in the world but you have to make sure that those people understand what you’re getting at and that what you want.

It happened to me when my ex and there probably at the beginning. But I was able to understand – into it. When I call them I know what to say each different thing. So, get active and you –. Otherwise it’s like wasting your time. Is a lot of work, a homework to be done, participation and but you have to be active. Nobody else is going to – applaud for you, nobody – confusion on your credit side, nobody else is going to fight to get the wrong information removed from your file, that kind of thing. So, it’s not you participate, it’s not like okay for the membership you call it and then you got to get the cards, no, it’s not like that. You have to be active, you have to do that yourself but of course you – some – BCA is going to be all the knowledge necessary to feel confident. So, if it’s going to be tough, do it when you have time but do it, do not just sit and listen because it’s not going to get anywhere, that’s what I can tell.

Business Credit Approved: Yeah.

Client: And try with all the companies and I after a month I kind of cancelled everything, it was like useless, like calling the 800 number. I don’t need that, I need a personal tutor or somebody that’s kind of knows your personal situation. Yes.

Business Credit Approved: Yeah. I really wanted to have people listen to you because of all my clients you really a go–getter. You know, when I tell you to do something, you do it, which I like and some people for fear they’re not sure, they don’t really take action. So, you took action right away and you continue to take action.

Client: Yes. I was kind of – now that’s very – but that it was needed. So, I kind of said okay let’s see how she is – and actually because – and you know I realize that it wasn’t – it was serious. So, that were kind of should had make me, you know, gave me even more – to go ahead, yes.

Business Credit Approved: So, for all that activity that you did, show everybody that’s watching what you got from doing that activity?

Client: Okay. You mean, the lines – credit lines?

Business Credit Approved: Yes.

Client: Okay, alright. So, we here – we have like made a copies of some cards that like you see, okay let’s start it here. This is kind of a card. It’s a kind of card they started, I was delighted first. Then I spoke with BCA and he explained to me to call and what to say what to ask. And that was exactly right because they’ve confused my file with somebody else because the name was similar. So, after like 10 minutes on the phone, though this issue was reversed, I was approved. $10,000 to start, it can be one, I need a $20,000 to start. Okay, well – U.S.A Barclays Bank – $20,000 to start. These ones less, those are American Express Blue, at once without any question.

$35,000 to start and then it can be raised to $45,000 because I use it a lot. That’s a great achievement, you know, no credit cards – nowadays with $35,000. So, right here we are like one – 80,000 then I get a few other that – let’s see – then I’ve changed bank – Bank of America, Citi Card. So, we have about other 15,000 at the moment. And we – I will be able to bring that up, you know, got few months, if we kind of like behaving and doing like BCA said – and bring it up to each card, to expand the limit to get higher. So, those things are real, they’re not – they just, get it online or something. It’s and – the numbers, of course but this is it, you know.

Business Credit Approved: It’s you can see it’s…

Client: This is – was done in –.

Business Credit Approved: And you were…

Client: We started in January.

Business Credit Approved: And you were on vacation going Italy, so for if you were distracted.

Client: Yeah, but I was away, in September I was away, in January I was away, in July –. And so if you really – the – and at the wheel, you can achieve that probably in a nine months 10 months.

Business Credit Approved: Alright.

Client: Yeah.

Business Credit Approved: For are people for three or four months, if they really aren’t on vacation, they don’t have a restaurant, they don’t have real-estate, they don’t have children you know like.

Client: Right, it’s actually – I do is try to work on this stuff at night or when I go home or before coming to work. And so it’s a time consuming especially calling the bureau’s and try to make things clear.

Business Credit Approved: Yes.

Client: And I’m not…

Business Credit Approved: Most people can do it in three or four months if they got so much going on but anyway some go at slow, some go as fast.

Client: And –.

Business Credit Approved: Yes, exactly. Well listen, the point I want to make to everybody that’s watching today is that this kind of results that Michele has happens because he got into action. So, you got the program, you need to get onto the calls, that’s really the most important thing is on the calls I’m going to give you step by step instruction. Okay. What did you do since the last time we spoke. Okay, you did step A B, great. For the next call I want you to see do steps C and D. Next time we get on the call, you say you did C and D and I’ll say great, now it’s time to do E and F. So, I’m going to put you onto a track, so that each time we speak you’re getting closer and closer to getting to the finish line and accomplishing all the things you need to do to get the credit lines.

So again you really want to get into action. Go through those lessons. Do your spreadsheets, do the tax they tell you to do and get on the calls twice a week. Even if you don’t have anything that necessarily follow–up on because you’re waiting on something. It’s good to get on the calls because they’ll keep you focused. You know, keep you motivated, you’ll hear what other people are doing and you’ll keep reminding the game. And you want to keep your eye in the ball, keep your eye in the price. Would you agree with all that?

Client: Yes, absolutely.

Business Credit Approved: Great. Well listen. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with me, so other people can get an understanding of what they can do.

Client: Okay.

Business Credit Approved: Thank you.

Client: Thanks.

Business Credit Approved: Bye.

Client: Bye.

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